Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams. Photo by Dani Snell Photography (

Recent Works

Beneath the Willow Tree (30 minutes) - Vlc., Pno.

The only plan that came out of the first meeting I had with cellist Jesse Christeson and pianist Tyler Kemp was the idea to create a piece in something like the form of an album, that is, an LP. In the words of Rob, a fictional thirty-something … Read More

Uphill (3 minutes) - Sop., Pno.

Dr. Jim Henry spoke at my church on the anniversary of its sanctuary renovation. He drew our attention to the comfort that a place can give us, regardless of its magnificence. It’s not because the place itself is special, but rather that … Read More

The Beginning Violinist (31 pages) - Vln., Pno.

The Beginning Violinist is designed to be used in conjunction with other beginning violin method books to fill in the gaps that are often left by even the most popular method books available on the market today. Benjamin co-authored this book … Read More

Current Projects

Williams is currently working on a few pieces for some great musicians and friends:

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please call (330) 268-2590 or email