Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams. Photo by Dani Snell Photography (

Recent Works

Just Like You (16 minutes) - Tbn., Kbds., Fixed Media

Borrowing themes from such diverse sources as Harlem Renaissance poet Alice Dunbar-Nelson and the British black comedy film Trainspotting, Just Like You deals with questions of identity and belonging in music influenced by EDM and … Read More

Push It Down (5 minutes) - Wind Ensemble

Ever try to push down a strong emotion? I’m reminded of an old episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show where “Chuckles Bites the Dust”. After trying to maintain a sense of dignified remembrance for the deceased clown as her … Read More

Get Ready! (6 minutes) - Bsn.

While I have been playing bassoon for over two decades, I never wrote a solo bassoon piece until I was invited to perform some of my own music for a performance at Campbell University.

This music is somewhat like a dance suite, perhaps like … Read More

Current Projects

Williams is currently working on a few pieces for some great musicians and friends:

Interested in commissioning a piece? Call (330) 268-2590 or email