Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams. Photo by Dani Snell Photography (

Recent Works

Parting Song (8 minutes) - 1202 2000 Strings

I had the opportunity last summer to not only host the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra's Premiere Orchestral Institute at Mississippi College, but also to be their 'Composer in Residence'. They performed some of my chamber music and I wrote a … Read More

Risen (7 minutes) - Sop., Gtr.

Having worked alongside Kristen Johnson, soprano, for a few years now and Tanja Miric, guitar, this past year at Mississippi College, I had in the back of my mind that I’d like to at some point write something for both of them. Little did I … Read More

Fantasy In Memoriam (1 minute) - Cl.

In 2008 I participated in a composition competition hosted by James Pyne, judged by Stanley Hasty and reviewed by Bruce Curlette. I was inspired by the idea of musical 'generations' (from teacher to students) to create musical 'generations' … Read More

Current Projects

Williams is currently working on a few pieces for some great musicians and friends:

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please call (330) 268-2590 or email