Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams. Photo by Dani Snell Photography (

Recent Works

Get Ready! (6 minutes) - Bsn.

While I have been playing bassoon for over two decades, I never wrote a solo bassoon piece until I was invited to perform some of my own music for a performance at Campbell University.

This music is somewhat like a dance suite, perhaps like … Read More

Difficult Loves (6 minutes) - 2 Sop., Pno.

I was invited by Soprani Compagni to participate in a project of new music for two sopranos on the theme “Portraits of Women”, which—as you might imagine—was somewhat daunting for me. What do I know about women? What could … Read More

Jitters (11 minutes) - 2222 4331 Timp., 2 Perc., Strings

The promise of technology was supposed to be ‘less work’, so much so that we would struggle to figure out what to do with all our free time. And yet the most common response I get (or give!) to the question “How have things … Read More

Current Projects

Williams is currently working on a few pieces for some great musicians and friends:

Interested in commissioning a piece? Call (330) 268-2590 or email