Benjamin Williams

Chamber Works

Title Duration Instrumentation Audio
A Golden Bough 10 minutes Brass Quintet Play
A Jaunt in the Rain 1 minute Cl., Vcl., Pno. Play
Beneath the Willow Tree 30 minutes Vlc., Pno.
Central Park in June 9 minutes Fl., Cl., Bsn. Play
Day Trip 8 minutes Fl., A. Sx. Play
Desert Serenade 9 minutes 3 Bsn., C Bn. Play
Everlasting Night 9 minutes Fl., Gtr., Mrb.
Exaltate in aeternum 10 minutes Org. Play
Faces of Rural America 1¼ minutes Vln., Pno. (optional Gtr., Bs.) Play
Fantasia Dance 6 minutes Fl., Cl. Play
Fantasy In Memoriam 1 minute Cl.
Get Ready! 6 minutes Bsn.
Hymnus 9 minutes Cb. Play
Jacob's Ladder 8 minutes Org. Play
Just Like You 16 minutes Tbn., Kbds., Fixed Media Play
Maiden’s Lament and Praise 4½ minutes Vcl., Mrb. Play
Mechanizations (String Quartet no. 1) 12 minutes 2 Vln., Vla., Vlc. Play
Meditation 5 minutes Vln., Org. Play
Poseidon 10 minutes Euph., Pno.
Rejoicing 8 minutes Bb Tpt., Org.
Risen 7 minutes Sop., Gtr. Play
Sanguine 2½ minutes Vln., Pno. Play
Slaying the Jabberwock 5 minutes 3 Bsn., C. Bn. Play
Sleuthhound 10 minutes Pno., 4 hands Play
Sonata in E 7 minutes Vln., Pno. Play
Songs of Loudest Praise 3 minutes Pno., 4 hands
Tease 3 minutes A. Sx., Vib.
The Beginning Violinist 31 pages Vln., Pno.
The Eve of Autumn 15 minutes Vln., Vlc., Pno. Play
The Fall 10 minutes Pno.
The Mountain 9 minutes Pno., 2 Perc. Play
Trappings of Boyhood 13 minutes A.Sx., Pno. Play
Where the Wild Things Are 6 minutes Tuba Play