Benjamin Williams

Choral Works

Title Duration Instrumentation Audio
Dreams of Lost Hope 8 minutes 2 Bb Cl., SATB Play
Forever, Love 10 minutes SATB, Pno. Play
Life Sculpture 3 minutes TTBB Play
Love is Enough 3½ minutes SATB, Pno. Play
Return to Your Rest, My Soul 3 minutes SATB Play
Sing Again 3 minutes SATB
Songs of Creation 8 minutes SATB, Pno.
Sustain Your Servant 7 minutes TTBB
The Incarnate Word 5 minutes SATB, Vln. Play
Two Dead Men 2 minutes TTBB Play
We Will Not Fear 3 minutes SATB, Pno.
Worship at the Throne 4 minutes SATB, Pno.
You Are There 3 minutes Solo Vc., SATB, Pno.