Benjamin Williams

Day Trip (2012)

Much of this piece was written during the hot and sultry months of a Mississippi summer. Outside. Having only spent one previous summer in Mississippi, I find myself still adjusting to the heat. I enjoyed the lazy afternoons sitting on the back patio sipping iced tea and writing this piece. And yet, one of the more exciting aspects of summer is having the freedom to get out of town, take a day trip.

Day Trip was written for the incredible performers of the Tower Duo. I had the pleasure of getting to know Michael and Erin Torres when I lived in Ohio and am truly thankful for their friendship. They are a very talented couple and I am glad to have the opportunity to write for them, even if I live several states away. Meanwhile, I keep hearing of the trips they are making all over the world (not quite day trips) as they perform, teach and probably relax a bit too!

The three movements of this piece are like little vignettes of a summer adventure—although, not in any literal way. The first movement is a quirky up-beat dance that keeps racing on. In the middle is a much slower movement starting with a 'singing' melody in the saxophone, briefly interrupted by a lilting tune by the flute. Finally, the two instruments come together in the final movement for a driving unison refrain intermingling with a number of light, recurring themes.

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