Benjamin Williams

Love is Enough (2006)

Love is Enough began as the final movement of three in a choral song cycle called Forever, Love. This larger piece was centered around a text written by a life-long friend, Erin Gamble. This poem, "Steady," dealt with love in terms of an aging and dying grandfather. In putting the piece together, I noticed that it seemed very weighty (the first movement is Christina Rosetti's "Echo"). This poem, "Love is Enough" by William Morris, I had kept ready to set for when the perfect time came along. That time was at the end of this work when a sense of calm and comfort would be the only appropriate message.

In November of 2008, Niagara Wheatfield Senior High Concert Choir performed Love is Enough as a stand-alone piece at Ithaca College. I realized at that time that this piece was more than just comfort over an aging, dying loved one. It is a message of love for all times and places.

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