Benjamin Williams

Poseidon (2007)

The beginnings of this work for euphonium took root in the Spring of 2008 when I received a message from an old friend from my years at the University of Akron: Travis Scott. Although we hadn't kept in regular contact for a couple of years, it was a pleasure to learn that he was looking for a new piece for euphonium.

Poseidon is my first work for solo euphonium, and, as such, presented me with a world of opportunities. Deciding which way to go was at first daunting, but as I put the first notes on the page, the direction became clear. The result was an exploration in blending jazz and classical styles with a particular focus on rhythmic excitement.

I enjoyed drawing on all of my jazz and fusion influences to create a kaleidescope of moods and expressions. Particularly enticing for me is the third movement in which otherwise simple rhythmic patterns weave themselves together to create a complex web of melodies and "riffs."

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