Benjamin Williams

Sleuthhound (2011)

Having moved across the country, far away from any family or friends could have been much more challenging had it not been for the generous faculty I joined at Mississippi College. In particular, my first year in Mississippi was made much more enjoyable by the company of another new faculty member, pianist Michael Rushing. From conversations on Fish-Taco-Mondays to jam sessions with our jazz trio, I had plenty of support to learn the ropes of living in the South.

Michael asked me about the possibility of writing a four-hand piano piece that he would perform with a former colleague, Anna. I always had thought of four-hand piano music as 'fun' and looked forward to the challenge of combining that with their search for literature of 'substance.' While the piece is constructed in a fairly straight-forward three movements, fast-slow-fast, the harmonies, rhythms and melodies were influenced by a culture of pop tunes that the three of us shared growing up. However, I will leave that for the listener to uncover or to simply enjoy as is.

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