Benjamin Williams

Sustain Your Servant (2007)

Sustain Your Servant is based off of the text of Psalm 40. It has a superscription that reads, "For the director of music." This is a text that is clearly meant to be proclaimed in song. There is a struggle within the text between the concepts of fear and faith. The author makes no mistake about the struggles of life, but always returns to the sure comfort of God's saving grace. The psalm is broken up into three movements. The first illustrates the emotion of fear based on vv. 13–17 (and the later Psalm 70). The second portrays the deep emotions of thankfulness in God's response to a cry of despair, based on vv. 1–2, 6–8, 11–12. The piece ends with a jubilant proclamation of God's glory from vv. 3–5 and 9–10.

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