Benjamin Williams

Trappings of Boyhood (2011)

Trappings of Boyhood is the first piece I have written specifically for saxophonist Michael Torres, but I also had the pleasure of receiving the premier of my concerto for alto saxophone with chamber winds and percussion, Feast of Michaelmas, by this incredibly creative and adept performer that I am happy to call 'friend.'

The three main movements of this piece capture a little bit of boyhood fun of the intrepid explorer or hero whether at play, in dreams or by thought. In some sense, the intervening 'Interludes' seemed necessary after the boundless energy wrapped up in each moment of music as if unable to be contained merely within the confines of a double bar-line!

This piece is also the result of me simply having some fun with some lively rhythms and melodies borrowing from jazz and rock and everything in between. As the angular and punchy theme of the first movement winds down, a sort of 'bell-tolling' call reins in the energy for a dream-like second movement of fantasy. Again, the motion picks up for the rollicking final movement of these Trappings of Boyhood.

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